With a Pinch of Salt – Tanjong Katong

This place is tucked into that stretch of eateries on Tanjong Katong.  It look interesting, so we went in one night.


The first thing you notice is the logo.  Quite cute.


The second thing you notice is that it is decorated like a little girl’s room.  Literally.  There is toys and other stuff all over the place that makes you think you’re in a 6-8 year old girl’s room.


OK, so I don’t think I would mind it at all, as long as the food is ok.

Lena went for the Seafood Squid Ink Pasta.  Her first two choices, which consisted of soft shell crab, all had tomato based sauces, so she didn’t want it.


She said it was nice, the seafood ok, the pasta done nicely, and the squid ink is not too strong.

I decided to go for the Chicken Parmigiano.


The good first.  The chicken was fried nicely, the crumbing on the outside, nicely done, and the chicken thigh inside, juicy and tasty.

Now, the bad.

Who the hell puts pineapple on Chicken Parm?  I mean, seriously, pineapple has no place in a main dish, unless it’s sweet and sour pork.  Pineapple is dessert, that’s it.

Not enough cheese and sauce as well.  But the pineapple on it put me in a shock, which I couldn’t quite overcome.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be back unless I bring my daughter or small niece.


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