Ghim Moh Food Centre

Lena and I went to pick up a cake for Hezekiah’s birthday, and the bakery was in Ghim Moh.  So we thought it was a perfect opportunity to visit Ghim Moh Food Centre and it’s reputation for some good hawker food.  We wish we could have tried more, but of the things we tried, yes!

First off, we started with Jiu Jiang Shao La, famous for roast meats.  The duck and the roast pork are the famous ones here.  We da bao’ed these to go home, because we were there, the queue was about 30 minutes long.  The duck was nice and tender, but the roast pork is the star.  The skin is nice and crisp, and the taste is nice.  I wish I had a closer picture of it, but it was eaten too quickly!


The other long queue we saw when we arrived was for the Teck Hin Hor Fun.  Another famous stall, known for it’s great noodles and the beef.  Of course, we had to queue.  About a 15 minute wait here.


The assembly line in front has the uncle just putting it together, and behind is the other uncle doing all the cooking.


We went with the combo, beef and fish slices.  The fish, was a little tough.  I generally don’t like fish on this, but Lena wanted some, so we went for it.  The beef on the other hand, tender and fantastic.  The Hor Fun, amazingly well done and fried.  Yum.


Next up was Lian He Carrot Cake.  No real queue here, but steady flow of customers.  There are two pans at work here, the front on is for the white carrot cake and the back for the black carrot cake.  Today, Lena wanted white carrot cake with no extras and no chili.


The white carrot cake here is omelette style.  There isn’t a lot of chai po in it, so it’s not as salty as normal, but the carrot cake is nice and the egg is a nice coating.  Well done.


As I said, I wish I could have eaten more, but the stomach was too full.  The Char Kway Teow stall just opened and that queue got large.  I also wanted to try the Yong Tau Foo as well as the Heaven Indian Stall for the Appom, but the stomach didn’t want more.

The only store we did go to was a fried stall to buy Goreng Pisang for Lena’s father.


He said it tasted nice when he ate it.


Ghim Moh, I will be back for more delights!


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