Peperoni Pizza – Frankel

My quest for pizza in Singapore never really ends.  I want to try all the pizza and see if it’s good or not.  Today, it’s time for Peperoni.  The main outlet is at Greenwood, which is just too close to the craziness of Bukit Timah at dinnertime and difficult to park and a pain to get to.  So I decided to try the Frankel Avenue branch, which is closer to home.  Parking is still an issue, but I’m here for pizza.


The ambiance inside is quite nice, the pizza oven right up front so people can see their pizzas cooking. Peperoni advertises wood-fired pizza ovens, so I expect some nice crispy crust. Just how thick it is, that is what we’ll see.


So I went for a half and half, just to try different styles.  One side was Pepperoni, Peppers, Onions and Roasted Garlic.  The other half was Ham and Mushrooms.  It looks good, doesn’t it?


The crust was a little thinner than I like, but it certainly has that wood-fired taste, which is quite nice.  Make the crust a little thicker, and I’m yours.  But for now, Rocky’s still holds my heart here in Singapore.  But’s it in Clementi…


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