Hua Yu Wee

Hezekiah’s birthday celebration was at a quaint old Seafood Restaurant on the East Coast.  On East Coast Road, Hua Yu Wee is one of the old seafood places that was not forced to move like Jumbo and Red House to East Coast Park.  It still remains here and draws a huge crowd.


You walk in and it is crowded and there are a lot of people eating and talking.  It is packed!


The coolest part about this place though is the separate building out front which houses the kitchen. All of the cooking is done there and you can watch them making the food.




Food ready to go!


There’s the preview, now here’s the food!

Kai Lan to start off with.  Nicely done, not too oily or garlicky.


Roast Chicken.  The meat was tender, and quite good.


Venison, which was tender.


Black Pepper Crab.  Heard it was good.


Steamed Fish.


Fried Rice Noodles.


Chili Crab.  A little spicy, but good.


Lobster with cheese sauce. Interesting.  The meat was nice and smooth also. The green is just agar agar.


Yes, it seems like the same food is eaten at all the family gatherings.  But that’s what you get when you go for Chinese Food for all these gatherings.

The food was ok, but the service here, horrible.  Not enough staff and it takes forever to get the attention of someone and for things to get done.

It’s nothing special here, just something different.  The food is ok, but the service, terrible.  At least they have free valet parking (which they don’t tell you about so you get a little shocked when you arrive and they want to take your car).

Finally, Happy Sixth Birthday Hezekiah!

What a cake!



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