Boon Tong Kee – Balestier

Of the many famous outlets of Chicken Rice in Singapore, Boon Tong Kee remains one of my favorites.  I have eaten at a few branches, but I like this one at Balestier the most, I am not sure why.  Since the last time I came, it looks like a little renovation has been done, but it’s still ok.  The hardest part is the parking of course, but the car park behind and up the hill is easy to get to and usually has spots.


They have a takeaway booth right on the corner, next to the restaurant so you can see the chickens and have your mouth water…


When you sit down, you get these appetizers.  Now, just remember, they are NOT free.  You eat, you pay.  In this case, $4 for the char siew (top), about $2 for each other thing.  An easy $10 if you don’t ask them to take it away.

The char siew here, not bad, but not worth $4.


Here’s a whole chicken.  Smooth, tender, just nice.  Taste is amazing and great.  Love it!


Where it quickly adds up for money is the additional dishes that you order.  For example, the venison meat, at $20.


Have to have veggies!  Spinach with assorted eggs (Century, salted, regular).  I always like this dish very much.


Fried Tofu.  Very lacking in flavor.  You need to dip it in soy or chili, or something.


Fish slices with black fungus and some chai po.  Very, very nice!


Boon Tong Kee has great chicken.  You should definitely try it.  I still prefer Tian Tian, but this is really good chicken and they have a lot of outlets around the island.


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