Eng’s Char Siew Wantan Mee – Tanjong Katong

Eng’s recently went from Dunman Food Centre to this shop on Tanjong Katong, making this road and even better place to eat.  Very non-descript on the inside, but the noodles are yummy.


How to order here?  It’s pretty simple. Each table has a pad with this menu.  You just fill it in, go to the cashier, pay, and wait.  You also have to fill this in for takeaway.

Menu is extensive isn’t it?


They know what to do and they do it right.  I went for some Fried Wantan, the $3 portion.  So many for $3! They were nice and crispy and full or meat.  My biggest complaint for Singapore Wantan Mee is that the Wantan are terrible.  Small, a little bit of meat and tasteless.  Nothing compares to Hong Kong Wantans, but this is Singapore and they don’t use prawns.  But this is great wantan.


Then I go with the $5 portion of Wantan Mee.  The Char Siew is nice, not too fat, but also not dry.  And then another 5 wantan in the bowl.  The noodles though, are great.  Nicely done, springy and full of bite.  Flavorful!


Here they have a stand which has the condiments you need.  Green chiles, soya sauce if you want it, salt, pepper, etc.  But they also have fried lard bits!  Wantan Mee needs green chiles, but when you give me lard bits, I must add!


Then their Wantan Mee does not come with soya sauce or tomato sauce or chili sauce.  Each table has it’s own chili sauce container, which you add yourself.

Funny label, but, the warning is true!  The chili is nice and spicy!


This is a hit.  The Wantans are nice, the noodles great, mix it all together, wow, I like it a lot!  Yes, it’s better than the two stalls at Old Airport Road!


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