The Burger Bar – Far East Plaza

Groupon,, Plus Deals, etc. are good sometimes because they allow you to try things at a lesser price.  Thus is the case with The Burger Bar at Far East Plaza, an offshoot of Fatboys burgers.  I am not so impressed with Fatboys, as I think the burgers are a little like meatloaf at times, but let’s try this place.


It’s a small space, and they have a menu up, but it’s mostly for decoration.


Where you do your ordering is at two iPads which are in the front.  They take you through the menu.

What kind of meat do you want? What kind of bun? What toppings? What condiments? Any drinks?  Fries or other sides? It’s quite nice.  You go through it, get your total and queue number, then go pay and wait.


I added on fries and a drink, since I had the Groupon, and the fries came first.  Fresh, nice and crisp.  Not bad at all.


Then the first burger was a beef burger, topped with Jack cheese, bacon and a fried egg on a honey oat bun.  Nice tasting, the burger a little meatloafy, but still good enough!


The next trip we wanted to switch it up a bit.  We went with Onion Rings to start. The Onion was nice, the breading not too thick, but for $5.50 I expected more rings.


For the burger, we went with beef again, but cheddar for the cheese and we added jalapenos and some smoky chipotle sauce.  The sauce was nice, gave it a little spice which it needed.  And then the sesame seed bun also on this one.


It’s not a bad choice, but there are better burgers.  The wait is pretty long though.  Seems like they cook in batches, so even though I was first in queue, my burger came out the same time as the next five people who ordered, even though some of them ordered 5 minutes after I did.


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