Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh (宝香绑线肉骨茶) – Penang

A day trip to Penang doesn’t mean that between meetings and discussions that you can’t eat well.  And in Penang, you can eat well.  My friend David took me for lunch at this place close to PISA.  It’s located within the D’Piazza Lifestyle Mall, which is pretty new and not well tenanted.

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh (宝香绑线肉骨茶) is famous for it’s String Tied Meat.  They take the meat, tie it together and then braise it in this nice herbal soup.




The menu is pretty simple.  A lot of types of pork and vegetables.  You just choose.  Whatever looks good, you get. And a little diagram of where your pork is coming from on the pig at the bottom.


Chili and garlic for soya sauce for dipping.  Looks hot!


So we started with Herbal Tea.  To cool us down and get us ready for the food!


What’s nice is that things come all at one time.  The String Tied Pork Leg first. Falling off the bone with great flavor from the soup.  Yum!


Some Tau Bok.  Pretty flavorless, but the soup was nice and extra to have.


The soft bone portion of the rib.  Smooth, soft and delightful.


This was just pork slices.  Quite meaty and nice and tender.


Pork Meatballs.  Not the greatest, but ok.


Have to have some veggie.


And of course You Tiao.  This one though, a little hard for me.  Not soft and even soaking in the soup, it still stayed crunchy.


Here is the lunch!


We couldn’t finish of course, but I have to say, the flavor was nice, the flavorings nice.  Not too herbal and not too peppery.  Good!  Oh, but wait, we didn’t even eat any of the Bak Kut Teh….

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