Chili la Roni – Bang Na, Bangkok

I recently was in Bangkok for about 40 hours and had dinner with a bunch of friends.  Because most of them were staying out in Bangna near BITEC for an exhibition, we decided to have a simple dinner by their hotel.  In fact, right outside the new Maple Hotel on Srinagarindra Road, there is a little Italian-Thai Fusion restaurant that is al fresco dining called Chili la Roni.


The place is nicely done up, fans everywhere to beat the heat and a nice environment.


Complete with an outdoor kitchen!


The place seems to be well known amongst the people I know that live in Bangkok, so it sounds like it might be ok.  We decided to order a bunch of different Thai and Italian cuisines.  We start with a bread platter.


Now some Thai food.  Honey Grilled Pork Neck.  Nicely done, sweet but still savory.  Nice!


Mussels with Melted Cheese.  I didn’t try it, but I heard it was good.


Thai Beef Salad.  The beef seared on the outside was nice, and the salad spicy!


The dipping sauce for the beef.  Nice and spicy and sweet too!


The Italian side.  They say it has nice pizza.  Well, you know me with pizza…

This is a Four Season Pizza, Tuna, Mushroom, Ham and Sausage.  Not bad, typical pizza fare.  Edible.


Carbonara Pizza.  Carbonara sauce, bacon and cheese.


Grilled Beef on Spinach.  This one was pretty good, with some Thai seasonings, etc.  Pretty good.


Tom Kha Kai.  Nice.  Spicy, creamy, just real nice. Great soup!


Tamarind Seafood Soup.  This had a nice bite to it, but it was real good also.


And then a little actual Carbonara.  I didn’t try this either, but it looked a little saucy to me.


Then for me to digest things fully, some nice Lemon Gelato.  Hit the spot after a meal like this!


Others went for Creme Brulee.


Not a bad meal, definitely ok.  The Thai food better than the Italian food, but then again, when I’m in Thailand, I like Thai food…

Tough to get to without a car, but if you’re around, drop in for a good try.


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