Tong Lok Xi He Peking Duck

We had a few things that set our target on this place.  Lena had wanted to go here for awhile now, because we both love Peking Duck.  We had some Tong Lok dollars that we also need to use.  And it was our anniversary.  So what could be better?

Located at the first level Grandstand at the old Turf Club, the place is nice and clean and airy throughout.  The service was very fast and good.  You call ahead to reserve and reserve your Peking Duck also, because if you don’t, there might be a wait.




Once you walk in, you see the ducks in all their glory as they are being prepared.


The seating is quite ample, very roomy and by no means crowded.


As soon as you sit down, it starts.  Because you’ve preordered your Peking Duck, they put the accompaniments right on the table.  On a lazy susan, you get quite a number of things, some of which I had no idea went with Peking Duck. For example, you’ll see later on, there is Blueberry Sauce and then Sugar with Crystallized Ginger.


Once you order, it begins.  The Duck comes right away and the chef goes to work!




Enough time to snap a photo of us with the chef!


The first thing that they give you is the fattiest parts of the duck and just the skin, along with the head.


We were told to dip the skin parts in the Blueberry Sauce and then into the Sugar and Ginger.


I have to say, it was a different taste.  I had absolutely no idea that Blueberry Sauce was served with Peking Duck.  I just had not seen it before and I’ve eaten it many times in China and Beijing.

Next they carve up the breast meats for you.


Almost nothing left!



And the final spot goes to the leg and thighs! One whole carved Peking Duck!


Here are our attempts at making our own wraps with the Peking Duck!


I really wanted to make it look like a duck head….


Here’s Lena’s! Complete with heart!


OK, you can’t live on Peking Duck alone, so we called some other things as well.

First we called the Salted Egg Fried Salmon Skin.  Oh my.  So sinful and unbelievably great.  This is a must.  We ate the whole thing!


Then we tried the Lion’s Head Meatball.  It was really soft and tasty.  I like it a little firmer, but this was ok for taste.  Not bad.


And then some Spinach Tofu with Monkey Head Mushrooms.  This was amazing as well.  Such great taste on this dish.  Highly recommend this as a non-meat dish.


So there you have it.  A great night of Peking Duck.  The Duck itself was $88, so a little expensive, but not bad at all.  Very tasty, juicy and fresh.

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