D’Authentic Nasi Lemak – Marine Parade

I had heard quite a number of things in regards to this Nasi Lemak stall at Marine Parade Blk 84 hawker centre.  I had head that it was a family team and that every component of the Nasi Lemak was fresh and flavorful. I also heard that there were long queues at this place as it was so fresh and good.  Thus, when I found myself there and there was no queue, I jumped right in!


A Nasi Lemak set here is $3.50 and consists of Chicken Wing, Fried Fish, Ikan Bilis, Fried Egg and Chili. For $0.80 more you can add a chili fish cake or some veggies.  I added the fish cake.

IMG_1945The first thing that hits you is the rice. So nice and flavorful, tasted so light and a little coconut and pandan.  Not too lemak, but quite nice.  The egg is a little overcooked, but that’s ok.  The fried fish, very tasty and flavorful, done nicely.  The chicken wing was also nice and crisp and juicy on the inside.  The chili that comes with the set, nice and sweet and hot, it went great with the rice.  The fishcake chili was pretty hot, but so good.

This is a great choice in Marine Parade, I am waiting for the next round!

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