Hai Nan Hokkien Mee – Golden Mile Food Centre

I have not been by this area for awhile now, but I had reason to go down to a shop, so as I was walking by, I remembered that the last time I came, the Golden Mile Food Centre was undergoing renovations.  As I walked by, I saw it was open, and apparently had been for a few months now, so I decided to go get my Hokkien Mee.

I was introduced to Hai Nan Hokkien Mee when I first moved to Singapore by some colleagues.  I am one for dry Hokkien Mee, with a little more Bee Hoon than Mee, much like Nam Sing in Old Airport Road.  I had this back then and I was hooked.  I would occasionally go for a bike ride and wind up here, get a plate, and bike on home.

Located in the basement, right at the bottom of the stairs, there was no queue when I came by at noontime.  So I immediately ordered.


There is one size and one size only, and it costs $3.  Each plate is fried up according to order and it is simply delicious.  The noodles have absorbed all of the stock, the prawn and sotong are nicely done, and then there is pork meat also.  It all goes well together with a little bit of chili.


Dry Hokkien Mee, I definitely prefer it over the real wet soppy ones, like in shopping mall food courts.  This is one of the best ones out there!


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