Golden Mile Beef Hor Fun

The other stall I really like at Golden Mile Food Court is the Golden Mile Beef Hor Fun.  The portion is huge, and it tastes just nice.  Not sure why he also sells Hokkien Mee, because his Beef Hor Fun is just absolutely great.  Located at the top of the stairs on the car park side, this is just delicious stuff.


He sells three sizes, small, regular and large, at $4, $5 and $6.  I went for medium.  I had forgotten how big the portion was.

This is so great.  The uncle has the gravy and beef on a wok where he has already made it up.  He has also fried the hor fun in advance, so it has this nice wok-hei taste to it, and then when he lathers on the gravy and veggies and the beef, you can’t help but salivate.


I can tell you that it is just absolutely tasty.  No doubt about it.  I would go for this any day of the week as well.  It really reminds me of when I was growing up in Chinatown in New York City and we used to order this because it was less greasy than the Dry-Fried Beef Hor Fun.

Go for this, you will not be disappointed.


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