Dontaku – CIty Square Mall, Johor Bahru

Lena and I took a quick trip into JB to buy some things.  We decided that we only had a short amount of time, so we just decided to stay in City Square Mall, have our lunch and buy our things and then come on home.  So when we arrived, we looked at the food options, which have changed since the renovation, and settled on this little Japanese place, Dontaku.


We decided to go with their set meals, since we weren’t quite sure.  Lena went with a nice plain Seaweed Udon and then a small Katsu-don.  You get a salad with it, and she added an Onsen Egg.


The flavor was quite okay, but the Tonkatsu in the Katsu-don was pretty fatty.  But it was quite okay.

I went with Tonkatsu Ramen, which came with Gyoza and some Pork Mince Fried Rice.  Salad and Watermelon included.

IMG_2026 The broth was quite nice, the Gyoza filling was a little too soft for me, but ok.  The rice a little tasteless.

Not a bad option, we spent about 35 RM total, so the price is not bad at all.


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