Paradise Dynasty – Causeway Point

A nice little dinner at one of the eating joints on level 5 of Causeway Point.  The renovation about a year ago has really brought some decent chains here, so when you’re taking family for dinner, this is a good spot.  So we took Lena’s parents here for a nice dinner.

The place is called Paradise Dynasty – Legend of Xiao Long Bao, so you know what they specialize in?  You got it Xiao Long Bao.

We ordered two different kinds, the regular and then Crab Roe.


These are the Crab Roe ones, noticeable by their orange color.  Nice and juicy inside, but more meat than crab roe.  You don’t get the crab roe flavor as much as I think you should.

That was followed by the regular ones.  These are really nice, soup inside nice, skin nice, a good Xiao Long Bao.

IMG_2102We also went for some side dishes to go with all of them.

I love Hot and Sour Soup, so I had to try this one.


Thicker than I like, a lot of corn starch.  And very spicy.  More Hot than Sour.  I can’t say I would order this one again.

Sweet and Sour Pork.  Those who know me know that I always get this in a new place to try.  The picture is not so clear, but the taste was great.  Really good.  Not a lot of batter, more meat.  Great balance.  A great Sweet and Sour Pork.


White Prawns.  Nice and tender, nice and soft.  A little salty, but a nice taste.


Fish slices with Wine Sauce.  A little too fishy tasting.  Not disguised well enough.


Shanghai Buns.  I love these too. These were a little too bready though and needed more crispiness on the bottom.


The chain Chinese joints in Singapore are ok to bring family to.  But for price and value and what you get, you can get better in some tze char places.


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