Yayoiken – 313 Somerset

One of my favorite Japanese chains has set up shop in 313 Somerset.  I love this chain because it’s quick, fast, and easy.  And the food is not bad for a quick meal.  It is not gourmet by any means, but it does the job and it’s enjoyable. The last one that I went to was in Kyoto, and it was good!


When you sit down, there is an iPad attached to each table and you order through the iPad.  It’s real easy to navigate and use and makes this quite easy.

We went for some of the favorites.  There is always Tonkatsu.  Here they have it a la carte, or as a set.  We went for the set.


As you can see, quite a healthy portion, and it comes with salad, rice and soup.  The rice is free flow!

The Tonkatsu itself was nicely fried, the meat a little overdone though, but still juicy.  Enough sauce and mustard to get me through as well.  At SGD$15, not bad at all.

Also ordered was a Pork Toji Set with Ebi Fry.  We quite enjoy Toji sets because it’s on a hot grill and then covered with an egg sauce that is oh so yummy.  Goes great with Japanese rice.  This one was no exception.  Nicely done, egg sauce nice, and just a good meal (SGD$13).


And we couldn’t leave without Ebi Tempura.  This was also nicely crisp and crunchy.  Nicely done.  A little heavier batter than normal tempura, but still quite nice.


I like Yayoiken.  It’s like Japanese comfort food to me.  You go in, you order, you eat, you’re never really disappointed.  It works for me.  And now it’s here at 313 Somerset.  Yay!


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