Tontei – Nex

I was running an errand at Nex in Serangoon, and my hunger pointed me towards the Japanese food area of Nex, called Shokutsu.


I walked through and just decided that my love of Tonkatsu was too much to ignore, and wound up at Tontei, which specialized in Tonkatsu.


Well, being hungry, I decided to go for the Hungry Meal, which was Tonkatsu, Salad, Rice and Curry.  I figured, it’s Japanese food, it’s not a lot.  But, oh boy, I was so wrong.


This thing was huge! Extra Large Tonkatsu, a plate of rice and curry, Chawanmushi, Salad and Fruit.  All for $22.

I tried to eat the whole thing, but I just couldn’t. The pork though was quite nice, juicy, nicely crisp.  The curry was also quite nice.  Quite a value for money on this one!

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