Signature Stone – Tiong Bahru

Groupon strikes again!  The wife bought a Groupon for us for Stone Pot Rice.  This new place opened up in Tiong Bahru, and it specializes in Claypot Rice, except the rice is not cooked in a Claypot or over charcoal, it’s cooked on a hot stone.  I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s Chinese Bibimbap.

Located in a row of shophouses on the other side of the Beo Crescent Food Centre, it’s relatively new and the ambience is nice.


For our Groupon of S$6.80, we had a choice of nine different kinds, and ultimately the wife chose the pot which had three kinds of Chinese Sausage and Wax Pork.


Mixed with the sauce, the flavors are very much like Claypot Rice, and the bottom gets crispy like a hot stone bibimbap.  So it’s an interesting flavor.  I thought that you needed quite a bit of sauce to give it some flavor, and the amount of sausage given was a little on the light side.

Normally this is S$10.90, and I don’t know that I would pay that for this.


I went with something a little more conventional, Pork and Chicken slices with Chinese Sausage.


I have to say the same for this one.  It needed quite a bit of sauce to give it some taste, and it was lacking on some of the ingredients as well.

This one is normally S$8.90.


Our Groupon did include ice cream too!

IMG_2126Now, the real verdict.  Was it good?  Yes, not bad at all.  But it took us adding sauce and mixing well enough to give it some taste.  It needed more meat though.  Give me another Groupon, I’ll come back.  But to pay full price for this?  I don’t think so.

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