Mango Tree

Sometimes I need Indian food.  Lena does not like it, so we never go, but sometimes I crave it.  Thus, I went for the buffet lunch at Mango Tree at i12 Katong.  For S$20, it’s not that bad and satisfies the cravings. Mango Tree is known for Coastal Indian food, near Goa, so it’s mainly Northern Indian style, but using more seafood.  But the buffet caters more towards standard North Indian food.


The buffet is not that huge, but enough to satisfy your cravings for a little bit of everything.


Here is the vegetable section, top left and going clockwise, you have Fried Okara/Lady Fingers, some Vegetable Curry, Daal, and Palak Paneer.  The Vegetable Curry is quite nice, and the Palak was nice and creamy, great on rice and some Naan.


Next is the Carbo stations, the Naan, Basmati Rice, Mixed Basmati Rice and Papadum. I don’t know about you, but I can eat Naan until I explode (and I think I did).


Some meats now.  Here we have a Chicken Curry and a Lamb Rogan Josh.  Both nicely flavored, not too spicy.  Very good indeed!IMG_2151

Fresh Chicken Tikka, which I saw them take right out of the Tandoor! Juicy and yummy!


The specialty here is their Mango Crab.  Which is Crab stirf fried with spices and bits of mango in there too.  Really nice, I ate about 10 of these little leg pieces.


As is the case with most buffets, your plate winds up looking like this. One big mash of good yummy food!


The dessert bar though left a little to be desired.


Golobjuman, yes I will!  I was pleasantly surprised that this was not as sweet as it usually is.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still almost sickenly sweet, but not as sickenly as usual.


The Rice Pudding, not really for me.


For S$20 and the buffet, with a free flow of some pink drink, I think it was lemonade with some guava maybe, it’s worth the price to satisfy your North Indian food cravings.

Will have to try dinner sometime…


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