Labrador Seafood

My wife loves crab, so when she saw a deal on StreetDeal for S$30 for about 900 grams of crab prepared the way you want it, she jumped on it.  It was from Labrador Seafood, located by Labrador Park.  Very quiet, nestled right against the sea and the route used for boats coming to and from Batam.


While not right on the ocean, the al fresco dining is quite nice, until the sun comes down and then the insects come out.  We started outside, but then moved inside to the air conditioning, as the insects just took over no matter the oils and mosquito coils.

There were only two of us, and while we don’t eat much, we decided on two dishes.  We always love to get things we don’t normally get, so we decided on Beijing Salt and Pepper Quail.


Nicely fried, not too greasy, and the taste, a little salty and a little spicy.  Quite nice.  The meat was still juicy and the taste really good.

We looked through the menu and saw a lot of seafood, but decided not to order too much.  There are a lot of things from Prawns, to Mantis Prawn, to Oysters, Fish, etc.  So a good selection and made the way you want to make it.

We took our deal and decided on Salted Egg Crab.  We got a pretty decent sized crab and it looked wonderful.

IMG_2174The crab was nicely cooked, but the Salted Egg could have been a little more wet.  It wound up a little too grainy, but the taste was quite nice.  I wish there was a little more gravy with the Salted Egg.

I think this is a nice place to hang out and have it be calm and not too busy like on East Coast.  We’ll have to try it again.

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