Mamacitas – Amoy Food Centre

How do you find different food?  You walk, or as my friend Kevin Cox says, you go Foodwalking.  I was walking by the Amoy Food Centre today and I noticed this sign.  And my eyes got very wide.  I had to explore it and see what it was all about.


Mamacitas, located right smack dab in the middle of Amoy Food Centre.  I was a little surprised to be honest with you.

I talked to the owner a little bit and she said that she cooked at home and just decided to try it out and see what would happen.  She put forth some of the best things she might find.

Here is the menu she put out.


It’s a little heavy on the fried tortilla here, but there are options there.

One of the staples of Costa Rican cuisine are the Casados, which is a small lunchtime plate, usually rice, beans and some meats, and she has them here.  Then she also has Arroz con Pollo, another typical Costa Rica dish.


But I decided I wanted more street foody stuff, so I went with a Gallote.  I asked the lady boss what she would recommend for street foody type of food, with tortilla, but not fried, and she pointed me to this.


A tortilla, heated up, filled with vegetables like slaw, lettuce and some chili salsa.  Then a combination of chicken pieces cooked down with onions and spices and ladled in.  This is topped with some creamy pico and some spicy chili sauce.  In addition you get rice and some stewed potatoes and string beans.

The rice, in my opinion, is not needed.  Just the Gallote and the potatoes are more than enough, and simple enough to give you a great meal.

IMG_2228It’s a little messy, I wish the sauce would have been kept on the inside, so you could pick it up and really get into it.  But, despite that, I did my best and managed to taste it.  It was nice to say the least.

The chicken was nicely done and spiced, quite a bit of vegetable (slaw and lettuce), and that sort of took over, but the concept and the taste is definitely there.

I wish I could have ordered more and eaten more, but at 12:30pm at Amoy Food Centre, you’re not moving much and you’re certainly not really getting a big table to eat.

But I will be back!

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