Pistola – Club Street

I had a meeting in the vicinity, so I decided to look for my lunch.  I walked down Club Street, thinking that I should try something along here at lunchtime.  Even though it’s more of a nighttime dinner thing there, there had to be some things open right?

And Pistola was open.  You might miss it if you walked by quickly, but the neon Taco sign and the signboard out front drew me straight in.  I still have a taco craving, not sure why, but I want tacos!


There are tacos on the menu, as well as burritos, rice bowls and quesadillas, but I wanted the taco.  The menu is quite simple, for S$12 you choose taco, burrito, etc.  Then you choose the meat.  Pistola has an assortment of them, ranging from Kalbi Steak to Carnitas to Thai fish to Chicken Tikka.

Then you can add cheese, sour cream or salsa, which costs an additional S$2 each.  There are also side dishes as well.

As for me, I need cheese and salsa on my tacos, so I added them.


Look at that yumminess.  Full of slaw, cheese and salsa.  And the tortilla is very Mexican style, with corn, making it a little yellow, unlike the mass manufactured ones which are white.


And there’s plenty of meat inside as well.

I gobbled these down in no time, not adding any extra hot sauce or anything.  Delicious!

My only hesitation is the price.  It’s a little steep, but every once in awhile, it has to be done.

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