Emerald Soya Sauce Chicken – Chinatown Complex

I love Soya Sauce Chicken.  I think it’s inherent in all with Hong Kong blood in them.  One late evening I had a craving as we entered Chinatown Complex.  I usually go for the Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken stall, but that was closed, so I went after this one.  Right by the stairs, it’s pretty big, covering two stalls.


Now they claim to be the King of Roasted Pork, but I was after the Soya Sauce Chicken.  Half a chicken for S$7, sold.


The skin was nice and tender, tasting of soya sauce, and the meat was tender as can be.  Just done.  It’s just a shade below the Hong Kong stall, but still just as nice.  Will try the Roast Pork the next time.


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