Hifumi – Plaza Singapura

We were at Plaza Singapura and was wondering if the queue at Tim Ho Wan was within a 20 minute point.  At 11:30am on a Sunday, it was about a 75-90 minute wait.  So we decided to try something else.  We saw this interesting Japanese restaurant in the new wing and decided to give it a try.  Hifumi, with very standard cuisine and a free flow appetizer bar.


We placed our orders and headed for the appetizer bar.  Below is Fried Tofu with pork mince in a miso sauce and on the left is Fried Sweet Potato sticks.


I have to say, the Fried Tofu was real tasty.  A little crispy on the outside with a nice sauce.


The fried here were a little tough on the outside, but the inside was nice and tender.


An assortment of salads.


Stewed white radish with chicken mince.  Not nice.


Chawanmushi!  Very silky smooth and free flow too.


Soba Noodles, but….


…here’s the sauce.  A milk yogurt sauce.


Put it together and this is what you get.  The taste is so strange.  Like putting noodles into your soya beancurd.  Not to my liking.


Here is Crispy Rice Crackers with a Stewed Miso broth with corn and tofu. The interesting thing here is that if you eat the cracker on it’s own, it’s just a rice cracker. But put the sauce on it, and the rice cracker tastes delicately like toasted rice and the flavor of the rice comes right out.  It is pretty amazing what the sauce did for the rice cracker.


There was also some grilled vegetables with a spicy miso sauce and some other cooked vegetables with a cheese fondue sauce.  Both pretty standard, but you get your vegetables.

Now for our mains.  Here is the Beef Sukiyaki.  Nice and sweet, enjoyable in the sukiyaki sense.


Katsu Curry.  What is different here is the curry sauce.  It contains minced onions, carrots and tomatoes.  It makes it quite a texturally challenging curry.  But not bad.  The pork was quite nice.


It’s interesting that’s for sure.  I will give it another shot down the line.

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