Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant, Jedidiah’s Birthday Dinner – Grandstand

Where does time go?  Jedidiah is turning 11 and we celebrated his birthday with a dinner at Ah Yat Seafood at Grandstand.  Located on the third floor, it was an interesting dinner to say the least.

We started with Longevity Buns.  White lotus paste inside of these peach looking buns.


Some veggies of course, Kai Lan here.


Cereal Prawn.  This one was fried nicely so all you had to do was bite and eat it shell, head and all.  Not bad flavor.


Razor Clams.  A little too much garlic here, but still very nice.


Peking Duck.  Wrapped for you, and not really wrapped well.  Ok taste, the Tung Lok was better tasting.


Chili Crab.  The sauce nice and a little spicy.  Pretty good.


Fried noodles with the duck meat from the Peking Duck.  Greasy, but okay.


Happy Birthday Jedidiah!



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