Alvin & LiLi’s Wedding Lunch Banquet

Congratulations to our great friends Alvin & LiLi!  It’s great to see them so happy and we look forward to them enjoying life as a married couple!  The wedding lunch banquet was at the Capella Sentosa, a beautiful view from the Sentosa Room for a great event!




The happy couple!


The menu was nice and simple, but before we entered, they had a sweets table.  We arrived a little late for the cocktail hour, thus, most of the sweets were gone, but there were Cake Pops left!


These things were good!  Moist and sweet inside, so yummy!

Once inside, the banquet began!  To start with a cold appetizer platter.  Starting from the top and going clockwise we had Fried Chilean Sea Bass in an orange sauce, Roast Suckling Pig, Homemade Prawn Rolls and Roast Duck.  In the middle was Jellyfish with Pacific Clams.


A closer look at each item.


Great taste to the prawn roll in particular, with the Crispy Sea Bass also getting good mention here.

Next up was a Double Boiled Ginseng Soup with Abalone and Chicken.

This had a real strong Ginseng taste to it that overpowered the whole soup.


Szechuan style Prawns in a biscuit basket and Scallops fried in Yam.  Presentation was quite nice.


The prawn was well done, but with no real taste and the scallop was only okay for me.


A nice steamed Soon Hock in light soya sauce.


Quite a nice piece of fish, but it was just borderline cooked.  It was almost raw and had a very earthy taste to it.


Seafood E-Fu Noodles with Black Pepper Sauce.  The darker red items are squid.


A little plain to me.  The pepper taste overtook the dish for me.


Glutinous Rice Balls in Red Bean Cream.  The balls actually had Black Sesame inside.  The ball was quite nice, but as a lot of you know, I don’t like Red Bean, so that doesn’t go well for me.


A great day to celebrate the nuptials!  Congratulations Alvin & LiLi!

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