Momofuku Milk Bar – New York

Honestly you can’t really walk around near Momofuku Noodle Bar without hitting Momofuku Milk Bar. You need some sweet to go with everything.  So we stopped by the little, and I do mean little, shop for some dessert after lunch.

Quite a big selection for a little place, but everything looked so good, what to get?


Birthday Truffles.  These are cake pops without the stick.  So sweet and doughy inside, just insanely nice to eat!


Then it’s what everyone is talking about, the Crack Pie.  Brown Sugar Custard in a pastry.  Anderson Cooper says he loves them!  We had to try.


Look how sweet and great this looks!

IMG_2395So sweet and heavenly.  It really is quite nice!

My teeth would be quite gone if I ate everything on this menu!


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