Tomáś Tapas – Wappingers Falls, NY

We had a small little dinner at Tomáś Tapas Bar & Restaurant near my sister’s house in Wappingers Falls.  Rachel had said that they wanted to try it, and with little dishes, it would be a real good chance to try a lot of different things.

Our goal was to get a few different things and test it out.  If we liked them, then we ordered it again.

Located in a little strip mall off of NY Route 376, it is not too auspicious, but looked new and nice.


Off to the menu and the Tapas!

First up was Roasted Pork Pernil Sliders.  The pork was tender and quite nice.  The chipotle mayo added some to it.  A good started.  The kids loved it, so we ordered a second helping!


Gambas Ajillo, traditional garlic sauteed shrimp.  The shrimp was a little overdone and too much garlic for me on this one.


Aranchini.  The risotto inside was nice and creamy and a real hit.  The kids also loved this one, so second round!


Here is the Baby Spinach Aranchini.  Also real nice and creamy inside!


Ham Croquettes.  Inside was Serrano and Manchego.  Others did not like this as much as I did.  I thought this was quite nice.  I think I was the only one.


A Beef and Cheddar Empanada.  Not my favorite thing, but the kids also liked this one.  I was meh on it myself.


Crab Cake.  This one was pretty good, better than the average crab cake.  This one also went for seconds.


A Soft Shelled Crab.  A little too greasy after the frying for me.


Marinated Skirt Steak.  This one was a little tough, but TC loved it.


One of the night’s specials – Brussels Sprouts with Chipotle Mayo and Dried Chorizio.  Wow, this was awesome.  The Sprouts were fried quickly and the additions made it so tasty.  Again, I was the only one that enjoyed this…


Pita with Lemon Hummus and then an Olive Tapenade Hummus.  One of my highlights also.  The hummus was so tasty and mixed so well.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I could have eaten this all night.


Finally a Lobster Wonton.  This was more like a Lobster Rangoon.  The filling was very similar to a Crab Rangoon, so it was too cream cheesy for us.  But, fried nicely, and tasted ok.


This is a nice place to hang out, enjoy some Tapas.  As I have always said, Tapas places are about hanging out, talking, enjoying the company.  This place would be pretty good for that.


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