Jerome’s Pizza – Bronx, NY

We went to watch TC and Kimberly swim at a meet at Lehman College, and for our quick lunch, we found one of my favorites.  A little hole in the wall pizza joint that only New York has.  With that great pizza, crust and dough.  Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Jerome’s Pizza fits all the criteria for me.  Great NY style pizza, a little hole in the wall and great atmosphere.  Small, four booths, but who cares?  You grab your slice and you go usually.  We did order a whole pie this time, as we were feeding six of us.  And TC wanted meatballs on it.

Get ready, here’s a picture of what Pizza should be.

IMG_2438If you’re pizza doesn’t look like this, I’ll eat it, but I won’t love it.

Singapore, please, please, please, please, get me something like this!!!!!


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