Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun 现做现卖猪肠粉 – Old Airport Road

There is this stall at Old Airport Road that makes the freshest Chee Cheong Fun that you can find.  Located in the little sleepy section, the two ladies that run the stall are expert in what they do.  They make these lovely thin sheets of rice flour, place ingredients inside and serve it up.  It is just fantastic.


For the price of S$2 you can get two rolls, with a stuffing of fresh prawns or mushrooms or char siew or chicken. My favorites are Prawn and Char Siew.

You place your order and the ladies make the fresh sheet of rice flour and steam it.  Then they add the ingredients, roll it out on the board and put it on your plate.  They add some fried shallots, a soya sauce mixture and some chili.

So fresh, so tasty and just satisfying.

IMG_2501Here you see Char Siew and Prawn, the front two being Char Siew and the back two being Prawn.

This is a must try.  They also sell congee and some other noodles, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually buy those items.  The Chee Cheong Fun is just spectacular from this stall.

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