Rocky’s Pizza – Clementi

My never ending search for New York style Pizza in Singapore always brings me back to the same statement – “Rocky’s is the closest that I can get in Singapore.”

Located on Sunset Way, there is no other option for New York style Pizza in Singapore, it’s that plain and simple.


I usually get it to go and eat in the comfort of my home.


Let’s get back the pizza.  As I said, it’s the closest to New York style that I have found. The crust matches the closest.  The thickness of the crust matches.  The cheese matches.  The oil that comes off of it when cooked matches.  It’s the closest that you’ll get.

I will usually go with a plain cheese pizza, but what Rocky’s does real nice is their Boston Special.  Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham and Mushrooms.  Now that’s a pizza!

IMG_2533The chewiness is there and the taste is there.  This is the best pizza in Singapore, hands down.


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