Seng Kee Ngo Hiang – Old Airport Road

When you find a good stall that sells Ngo Hiang and all the other things that go with it, you tend to go back over and over again.  Such is the case with Seng Kee.  Located across from Lao Fu Zhi Char Kway Teow, it is always a pleasure to find this stall open.


Ngo Hiang stalls usually have a variety of little snacks, you choose what you want and give it to them and they will fry them up for you and serve it to you hot.  It is usually accompanied by Fried Bee Hoon.

So the choices are endless and you can go broke by taking everything, but I settled for a few things for us.  Some Ngo Hiang, a Prawn Roll, Fish Cake, Taiwanese Sausage, Fish Cake and a Golden Egg Prawn Roll.

Fry it all up and this is what you get:


Then you get a sweet sauce and a chili sauce to dip it all in.

IMG_2561Bite size pieces.  Not so healthy for you, but taste so good.  This is one of the better Ngo Hiang stalls that I love.

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