Ying Ying Beef Noodle – Old Airport Road

Beef Noodles in Singapore is a little different beast than what some of us think it is.  A lot of us think that it’s beef brisket like in Hong Kong or Taiwan.  But in Singapore, it’s not.  It’s mostly pieces like flank, or a meatball, or the tendon.  Then we think of a nice beefy soup, but in Singapore it can be dry, but dry meaning that there is a thick gravy poured on top of it.

So we come to Ying Ying Beef Noodle, which has been around for a long time at Old Airport Road.


Located in the center aisles, near Meilock Soursop and Xiang Ji Lor Mee, you get your choice of type of beef and type of noodles and of course, dry or soup.

The beef choices are flank, meatballs, tendon or a mixture.  I went with Flank.

The noodle choices are standard, and I chose Thick Mee Fun.  I find that it goes better with the beef gravy than Mee Pok or Mee Kia, or even Kway Teow.

Then dry is my choice.  So after it’s all put together, you get the gravy ladled on and here it is with garnish and white pepper.


Mix it up and it looks like this.

IMG_2588The beef is nice and tender.  The gravy is a little starchy, but not too sweet.  The oyster sauce is definitely present here.

Beef is not big in Singapore, and this is one way to enjoy it.

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