Lime House

I had heard a lot about Lime House being the place to go for some authentic Caribbean food.  So of course we had to go and try it out.

Located in the trendy Keong Saik area by Neil Road it looks like a relaxing place to be.


The menu is not too large, in fact it is pretty short, but one has to make it taste good, so if it’s a small menu and it tastes great, it’s better than an expansive menu that doesn’t taste great.

We started with some Caribbean Fish Cakes.  What makes them Caribbean? Not sure actually.  Nonetheless, quite tasty and light and refreshing to start out with.


We decided to go with some sides and a main to share.  So we started with Macaroni Pie.  Again, not so sure what makes this Caribbean. I do know that it needs a lot more cheese though, as it basically was a pasta pie.


Fried Plantains.  Wow were these sweet! I think there was some caramel and rum mixed in here.


Jerk Chicken. When you ask me about Caribbean food, I think Jerk.  So we went for this which was a nice glaze with sweet potato puree.

The chicken was nice and tender, the jerk, a little too sweet and not enough heat for me.


And to top it all off, a Deconstructed Pina Colada. Made with Coconut Custard, Pineapple Compote and Lime Sherbert.  You really need to eat all of it together, not one part at a time.  If you do, you don’t get a great taste.  The Sherbert cuts the Custard nicely and together it’s great.  Separately the Sherbert is too acidic and the Custard too plain.

IMG_2613Caribbean food, not so sure what makes it really Caribbean. A good place to get good food, yes, definitely.  I need to try the Goat Curry next time.

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