People tell me that the Filipino chain Fried Chicken place, Jollibee, is one of the best fried chickens out there.  So of course, I had to try.

Not only do they say it’s good, but it had some other options which are a bit uncommon when ordering fried chicken.

So I headed up to the sixth floor of Lucky Plaza.  I guess locating itself at Lucky Plaza is a good move, being a Filipino chain and all.


The mascot is quite cute.IMG_2626

So it’s about the fried chicken here.  A standard two piece set is called the Chickenjoy.


But what is not the norm is that each set comes with a hockey puck of white rice.  Interesting right? And gravy!


The rice, not so great.  Normal rice.  The gravy, same as KFC for the mashed potatoes.  But the chicken was juicy, hot and nice!  The batter on the outside was light, not too oily at all.  A really nice crunch and taste to it.

So what else did we get? Curiosity got the best of me, so I also went with the one piece and a side of spaghetti.  Why not?


I have to say, the sauce was ok.  I won’t get it again, but I had to try.

And I had to try the burger. I know they specialize in fried chicken, but why not try the burger too?

IMG_2625Left a little to be desired.  I think I’ll pass on that.

They also have hamburger steak, no bun, with gravy.  And a hot dog.  The hot dog picture, don’t have it here, did not really look good…

I have to rank this fried chicken ahead of KFC.  If I want fried chicken and am in the Orchard area, I just might go for this again.

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