Sila Schnell – Munich, Sendlinger Tor

While I was in Munich in November, I had dinner with a friend of mine. Not that it’s a problem, but he needed Halal food.  Now, we found a place near his hotel in Sendlinger Tor that advertised as Halal.  It is more of a simple “fast food” type place, but it is quite ok.  It is right on the main plaza at the U-Bahn stop, so you can’t miss it, Sila Schnell Restaurant.


My friend went with a simple dish of rice, with some stewed chicken and some stewed vegetables.  He was in heaven, because in Germany, it’s tough to find non-pork dishes at times, and the meat has to be handled a certain way.

I went for a lovely Donner Platter, with the Kebab on rice and a nice salad to go with it.  Quite good for simple, fast food type fare.


And then we also got what they mentioned was their specialty, their breads.  This is minced lamb on the bread.  Not bad, but not great either.

IMG_2634A Halal option in Munich for those interested.

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