Leather Trousers Bread – Schrannenhalle, Munich

A converted grain market is now a little indoor “mall”, with a supermarket and some eating places.  I went in because I wanted to warm up a bit and wanted a quick bite to eat.

I found Leather Trousers Bread and I heard that the Goulash here was not bad, so I decided to sit down and give it a go.


The owner was an interesting guy, good to talk to, he was very interested in why people come to Munich, etc. So it was quite a good talk with him.

The Goulash itself comes in a nice bowl with some crusty bread.


If you give it a stir, you can see all the lovely beef and potatoes and carrots in it.

IMG_2644The soup was not too thick, nice and easy to scoop.  A little zesty, but not too spicy. The beef tender and the veggies tender. Quite a nice bowl of Goulash to warm yourself up on a day when you’re out by Viktualienmarkt.


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