Der Pschorr – Munich

Another institution in Munich is Der Pschorr, a nice little beerhouse on the edge of Viktualienmarkt. It has been around for a long time and the food and atmosphere here is a little more relaxed and open.  It’s a little bit of the opposite of Augustiner or the Hofbrauhaus.


Inside it is quite spacious, with two levels of seating. A real proper restaurant that also is a beerhall.


I always like to get a Radler when I go, maybe because the beer is too much for me, or I just like the bit of lemonade in there.


I hadn’t eaten this yet on the trip, so now was the time. Weiner Schnitzel. Interestingly enough, they have a lower fat and oil version of this. Not sure how they do it, I think it’s baked, but you need the real thing.


Is that a salad I see? Why yes it is! Greens!


Fried Potatoes, now this is greasy as anything! But the taste is oh so good.


And then the star. The Schnitzel. The veal is pounded just right, the crumbing is not too thick, the oil is not too much. Squirt lots of lemon on it, and you get what I love.

Img_2650The taste was awesome, I absolutely love this dish when it’s done right. I remember awhile ago when we hired a lovely Austrian lady named Hilda to cook lunches for our guests at the office, this was her specialty. And I have grown to love it ever since. I miss Hilda.

This is a must have though, you can’t go wrong with this around Munich either.


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