Wo Peng – Furama City Hotel

Groupons, sometimes they are great, sometimes they are not. But they allow you to try new things. Such was the case here. We thought we were getting a good deal for Dim Sum, but we tried to book with about three weeks left on the Groupon, and all of their weekend dates were fully booked, so we couldn’t use it for Dim Sum! Luckily, or maybe not, we could use it for dinner, but only on a weekday. So we booked it for that.

The menu is very limited, and quite expensive actually. So we ordered a few things to try for 13 of us.

We started with the famous Char Siew. $28 for this portion! Too small and the taste is not all that great.


Green Beans with minced pork. Not bad, a pretty good version of the dish.


The famous Poached Chicken. The chicken was pretty good. The meat was juicy and the taste, while a little plain, but pretty good.


Seafood with Braised Tofu. Not bad, average, and not spectacular.


Fried Calamari. A little greasy, but not bad.


Crispy Seafood Noodles. Winner! This was pretty good, the noodles were fried nicely and the taste is nice.


Fried Rice. Normal, not great at all.IMG_2663So this was almost $200 worth of food.  Worth it? Definitely not. In addition, we sat for almost 2.5 hours for these dishes. The Fried Rice took over one hour to come! Wo Peng, I will not be back unless I get a deep, deep, deep discount.

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