Stall 28 Carrot Cake – Dunman Food Centre

There is a very small food centre on Dunman Road, right by Joo Chiat Road. It’s been there for a long time and it has a little secret.  Damn good Carrot Cake.

This place has no name, just a stall number — 28.


Now they sell all other kinds of noodles, but none as good as the carrot cake. The black one is by far the best that they sell.

It’s kind of non-descript, the auntie and uncle that work the stall take real good care of you.

Here is the black carrot cake.

IMG_2666The bits of carrot cake are nice and soft, not overworked. The sauce is nice, not too sweet and not bitter at all. It’s cooked to the point where the sauce caramelizes and there are little well cooked bits of the sauce that give it a little bit of a crunch. The chai poh is right there, and the egg is also quite nice.

For $3, what a huge plate of carrot cake. One of the best in Singapore in my opinion.


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