Chomp Chomp – Carrot Cake and Chicken Wings

What else is better than Carrot Cake and Chicken Wings at Chomp Chomp? Some would say the bbq seafood, but, I love the white carrot cake here and the chicken wings are as good as you will find.

My pick for one the best white carrot cakes definitely goes to this stall at Chomp Chomp.  It is right at the entrance corner on your right.  They open at 5:30pm, and it’s simply just stall 36.


The uncle fries it up nicely and for just $3, you get prawns too! The carrot cake is soft, the chai poh is nice, the eggs complete the dish. It is just heavenly to taste. So order it up!


Then there are a few chicken wing stalls at Chomp Chomp, but I like this one, Stall 26, Chong Chong. It’s towards the back on the right.


These really are roasted to perfection. The skin is nicely crisp and done, marinated just right.  A little lime and some chili, yum, yum, yum.


And wash it all done with a huge mug of sugarcane juice, which you can get at many stalls there.


If you want to eat at Chomp Chomp, go for the carrot cake, chicken wings, sugarcane, and of course some bbq seafood if you want more food.


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