Hin Fried Hor Fun – Old Airport Road

Over in the sleepy part of Old Airport Road food court, you sometimes don’t notice some stalls. Such was the case here.  I never noticed this stall, even though it’s almost next to Yummy Thai. The signage is very similar to the famous stall in Ghim Moh, so at first I thought it was a branch. It isn’t.


There are other kinds, but I prefer the beef. So I went with that.

The uncle takes the already cooked hor fun, which has already been boiled and then fried once, and he fries it again in a wok. He gives it a nice bit of wok hei and a little bit of a crispiness.

Then he ladles the beef on and then a beautiful egg sauce on top.

IMG_2746The meat is very tender, just like I like and remember as a child. The noodles have that nice wok hei to it. And then the sauce is wonderful. Not too sweet, not too salty, but just right.

A good choice that is overlooked at Old Airport Road.


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