Bún chả nem cua bể Đắc Kim – Hanoi

As we continued our walking tour of the Old Quarter, we had just had lunch, but were looking for something to nibble on.  We passed Bún chả nem cua bể Đắc Kim on Duong Thanh, but we were a little full, so we decided to skip the Bun Cha, but pick up some Nem Cua.


This outlet is a branch of the famous one on Hang Manh, but alas, we only went for the Nem Cua.  This is a spring roll with minced crab meat inside and other fillings.


They were already premade, they just dumped them in hot oil and away it goes!




They fried it up for us and yummy, yummy!


IMG_5275  We said we would come back for the Bun Cha, but we never did.  We went somewhere else instead…

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