Kem Tràng Tiền – Hanoi

A nice way to cool down in Hanoi is to have ice cream.  Kem Tràng Tiền is a famous place for ice cream, located on the way from Hoan Kiem Lake to the Opera House.


Everyone loves their cones here, but the problem here is, what to order and how to order it?


I look in the case and there are ones already prescooped for you.  You just order.  I point and I say, I want that, and one of them.  I still am not sure what flavor it is.


I get my scoop and find out that it is Kem Oc Que.  Still not sure what flavor it is.


Looks good!  But what flavor is it?


Happy and ready to dig in!

IMG_5328It’s coconut!  Oc Que is Coconut in Viet, so it’s Coconut ice cream.  Not bad at all!

This place was real interesting, even though it was a building, you can drive your motorbike right in and park and get ice cream.  After we ate, we looked around some more and saw different flavors and different styles.  Seeing as how dinner was soon, we didn’t want to fill up on ice cream, so we decided not to eat more ice cream.  Yes, I know that’s funny coming from me.

Try this place, interesting and fun and good ice cream!

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