Bánh Mỳ Thiên Sứ – 252 Hàng Bông – Hanoi

So we came out of Café Kinh Đô and noticed that there were a bunch of people sitting around at the shop next door on the corner.  Sitting on small stools and eating away.  It was a little dark, but we noticed that they were selling Bánh Mì. The look of the place was a little dark, but I had a feeling by the crowd that the food was good.


Bánh Mỳ Thiên Sứ is the name of the place, and you can see just what they do.  They make Bánh Mì.  Take a look at the pile of fresh baguettes in the back and the slices of pork and cucumber and herbs.  This is how it’s done.


For $1USD, VND20,000, this is what you get.  A lovely fresh baked bread, loaded with meat, veggies and herbs.  Now this is what I am talking about when it comes to Bánh Mì!


Take a closer look at the insides of it.  The meat is so succulent looking, sauce looks so appetizing.  You can’t wait to dig into it!IMG_2874What a great combination of flavors.  This is what it’s all about.  For a place that we stumbled upon, it was awesome.

Only later, when we came back and I googled the place, did I realize that it was a well known place for Bánh Mì.

This is the what it’s all about, stumbling upon hidden finds and not realizing that you’ve found something great!


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