Giang Café – 39, Nguyễn Hữu Huân – Hanoi

We had heard a lot about the coffee in Vietnam, especially the cà phê trứng, or Egg Coffee. We heard about some famous one where you go through a silk store and then up stairs and there’s a view of the lake.  But, we decided to try Giang Café, which is just as famous, but perhaps not as well-known and populated.

You do have to search for it though, as it’s just a small sign that leads you down a long passage.


There are a few seats downstairs, but, go on upstairs and it’s a little oasis where you can drink your coffee and hang out.


Grab a small stool and place your order.


It’s pretty simple, Vietnamese and English on the menu.  You can get your coffee hot or iced, it’s up to you.  But we got what wanted here, our cà phê trứng, or Egg Coffee.  Then, we also saw another interesting item.  cà cao trứng, or Egg Hot Chocolate.  So why not?


And here we go!


The Egg Coffee is your regular Vietnamese Drip Coffee on the bottom, but on the top they take an egg and whip it up with condensed milk and sugar and put it on top.  You then mix it together and drink.


The egg portion of it was interesting.  Light, but sugary, and creamy.  Mix it all together and it makes a nice little cup of coffee.  A little sweet, but very good nonetheless.

Next was the Egg Hot Chocolate.  It’s the same concept, except they of course have hot chocolate and some powdered cocoa on top. I preferred the coffee over this.


Definitely one of the things you have to do when you head to Hanoi.  Check out the coffee scene, it really is a very different coffee culture than anywhere else.


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