Phở Gia Truyền – 49 Bát Đàn – Hanoi

Pho is everywhere these days.  But, when you’re in Hanoi, you’re in the heart of what is great and what is original.  And this place is supposed to be the best of the best.  Anthony Bourdain has featured it and everyone else who blogs about food has recommended this place.  So of course, we had to try.

The queues at Phở Gia Truyền start early in the morning, as Pho is a breakfast food, though you can eat it at any time.  The queue tapers down around 10-11am, so that’s when we decide to go, and yes, the queues had died down.  The wait is not too long, in fact, there was only one person in front of me.


What’s on the menu?  Beef Pho three different ways.  Brisket, flank or both.  Of course you go with both.  You can also get you tiao, but we opt not to.


You watch them expertly cut the slices of beef from the brisket, you see the raw flank ready to go on top of the noodles and the broth ready to be poured on, and your mouth waters.


And this is what you get.

The broth is murky from the collagen from the bones from stewing for so long, the crispness of the flavors from the broth.  You can’t wait to dig in.


Stir it up to cook the flank a little bit in the broth and go!

IMG_2882The beef is perfect, the noodles done nicely.  But the broth is the star.  So rich and flavorful, it warms your stomach and your soul.  This is what it’s all about.

When one asks you what Pho is and if they want to experience it, you must tell them to come here.  You will get the meaning of Pho.


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