Nantsuttei – Parco, Millenia Walk

I was in the mood for ramen and was in Millenia Walk, so I decided to go check out Nantsuttei Ramen.  There is usually a very long queue to get in here, but I was lucky enough to get there before the lunch crowd.


I went with the simple things that they do best.  Chasu Ramen with Tamago.

They are known for their deep Tonkatsu broth, which is supposed to be rich and creamy.


The broth indeed looks nice a deeply flavored.  Stir it up!


You take one sip of the broth and you can taste the hours of work behind brewing the broth.  It is indeed deep and rich, creamy in taste, smooth in texture.  The taste is just wonderful, you can taste the pork and the love behind it.  It is indeed a treasure.

The Chasu is soft and velvety, the ramen is not too chewy, but not too soft either, just perfect.

What a great bowl of ramen, which is better than Ippudo in my opinion.

And when you get to the bottom, you get a hello from Taishou, the mascot!



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