Bangkok Jam – Plaza Singapura

There are a few Thai food chain restaurants in Singapore, Bangkok Jam is the latest one to hit the scene.  They join the Thai Express, Lerk Thai and Bali Thai names in the industry.  Lena said it looked interesting, and she wanted to try it, so we did while we were at Plaza Singapura (and also because we didn’t want to queue for so long for Tim Ho Wan).


There are a few outlets now around Singapore so it piqued our interest.

We ordered a Bacon Noodle, which I thought was interesting.  The taste was not bad, a little wet, not spicy at all.  Quite ok.


We also went with Red Curry Chicken.  We didn’t go for Green Curry, because we always get it, so we decided to try something different.


The portion was a little small to be honest with you, I would have liked to have seen a little bit more.  There was still rice left after all of the gravy was gone, and that’s not a good sign, you always want more gravy left than rice.

IMG_3011But, the flavor was pretty ok also.

Chain restaurants, you know what you get, and what you get is ok.


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