Whampoa Market

Another of the real old hawker centres in Singapore is the Whampoa Market.  People have frequented this for years and there are stalls that everyone remembers here.

Lena and I stopped here after a visit to her aunt’s house and decided to partake in the great fare that’s offered here.  Once you find parking, you’ll be fine and we were lucky enough to find some very quickly.

Our first stops were to queue for Hokkien Mee and Chicken Wings, two of the more famous stalls.




First up was the Hokkien Mee.  The queue was incredibly long, but moved pretty quickly.  I always prefer to get it to takeaway, even if eating there, because then it gets wrapped up and the broth gets infused into the noodles.


The taste of this wasn’t bad, the broth seeped in nicely.  I prefer the thin Bee Hoon rather than the thick one, but this is not bad.

The Chicken Wings were not as crispy as I would have liked, but the flavor was pretty good.

They also sell BBQ seafood at this stall.  I haven’t tried it, but heard it was ok.


Next up was some Wu Xiang, because we wanted some different items.


Nicely done, rather run of the mill, but pretty good nonetheless.


To top it all off, we went for the famous Balestier Road Hoover Rojak.


The queue was quite long also, and by the time we got it, it took a good 15 minutes.

IMG_3129The sauce was nice, full of flavor, but not quite to my 100% satisfaction.  There just seemed to be something missing.  A lot of hype, and it almost lived up to it.

Good selections here, must come back and try the Fish Head Steamboat that everyone talks about also.



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